Sunday, October 13, 2013

Turning Point

Now everything is becoming a habit for me. I'm waking up early going to the gym eating healthy and utilizing moderation. I look better I feel better and that's affecting my outward interactions with people. this is not groundbreaking as I've done this before repeatedly over the last 20 years so the challenge is maintaining. how can I identify in advance potential obstacles that had me back down in the other direction? I think one thing that has help me and will allow me to go further this time is the way that I set my goals now. I still aim high but I sent my goals of the data table and I can cross them off instead of long periods of time going I don't have anything accomplished and that makes me feel bad. it is very encouraging and motivating when I look and see that I already have six goals crosstalk in my tracker so I continue to work on other ones I have and I'm constantly adding new ones all the things that I can make happen in a short period of time it's beautiful.

One last note, the great thing about losing eight is that it makes your workouts become easier and more and you can work out and the harder you can work out the better the results will come to snowball effect in a positive way.

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