Monday, November 25, 2013


My friend, Kyle, has agreed to take a vested interest in my success and help keep my accountable from week to week.

I can tell you that this morning having to look him in the face and say that I had a bad weekend was beyond horrible.  He looked hurt and disappointed -  I would rather him be mad.

I'm not going to have that same feeling again next week when I get back from Kansas City.

Good choices, good results..

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Throughout the years, as my weight fluctuates, there are certain numbers that come and go.  Each one associated with a time and place or an accomplishment.    As I pass them this time around I'd like to highlight the occasion and explain what it means to me.


I need to get here as a launching point.  Simply put, there is no 200lbs without getting to this weight first.  I am significantly obese. 


The benchmark weight of recent years. After being as high as 259 I got to WebEx in '06 at this weight and began my takeoff from there.  Aways came close but rarely could surpass it.


This is an interesting one because while still very heavy it's a wait that marks a "breakthrough" compared to where I've been in recent years.  I was squeezing into my work clothes at Robert Half here.  Really started gaining weight rapidly.


This is the weight I was at when I went to a lab at UC Davis in 2001 to get an official body fat measurement.  At WebEx I moved all the way down to this and was on top of the world.


My "heavy" weight at The Holiday Inn.  Got teased alot.


My true target weight here.  When I get back to this long lost weight I will be so brand new.


Geoff.   "Daaang, Joe!  You blew up!  Look at your legs!  Also, here I could still squeeze into my "skinny" dress pants.


HFC weight - not thin but not really fat either.  The pictures I look back at make me long to be there again.


Pushing the line.  In college and once after college I was into my fitness and I saw this number on the scale.


So close.  I was 5lbs away from the promise land in my 3rd year of college.




I should be this weight with body fat and muscle tone

You'r On My List - It's Personal Now

Of course I want to be healthy for myself but I also dream of the day that certain people see the new me.

To name a few:

Dr Joves

He is my doctor and knows my health/unhealth history better than anyone. He has seen me good and bad.  I want to go back in and shock him with my appearance and with the numbers.


If there is anyone that roots for you, that you want to make proud, that you hope to inspire, and that you want to prove something to its the lady of your life.  She has seen my struggle.


I guess I will never forget the time she started crying when talking about my health and that she wanted me to be around for a long time.  I wasn't losing it "fast enough".  Ouch.


Well, he knows from personal experience what happens when you let bad habits take over your life.  He would like to see me avoid the same mistake and also issued a warning years ago that I will always remember.

David Jimenez
Filipinos at work


I can't remember where I heard this a few weeks ago but someone said that they don't eliminate bad foods altogether because you need to have a healthy relationship with food.  That means don't abandon foods that make you happy but instead learn moderation and when to partake.  Otherwise you will come back with a vengeance if the cravings have been ignored.

I like that alot.

Also, that is more conducive to a lifestyle change rather than a quick-fix.


Monday, November 11, 2013

I Feel So Great!

I think it is because of the weight lifting! In short time after starting a nautilus program you feel stronger and your muscles "wake up". I look lumpy as I like to call it! I got amaaazing sleep last night as well and lastly, I've decided to schedule in a day off/week (as oppossed to missing a scheduled day at gym). This will allow me to rest, less pressure of trying to go daily, and its a treat to wake up at 4 and know I've got more sleep comin'!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Make it count

The only way to move upward and outward, minus the regressions, is to be in the moment and know that whatever you counts towards something.

It's either counting towards

  • greater good
  • greater bad
  • greater mediocrity

Which bucket do I want to contribute to?

Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Checklist

I want to take a special note of all the beautiful changes to my well being as I get healthy

  • People start commenting on how good I look
  • My meals are clean
  • My clothes start fitting better and I'm dressing up more
  • Increased libido
  • Workouts started increasing in frequency and intensity
  • Sleep quality improves
  • High natural energy
  • Better moods
  • More active with kids

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Yeah, I just had an epiphany.

People, by default don't and can't respect your goals unless you do.  That means you have to be true to them in the face of pressure.


You are the guy that is always on a "diet" but when push comes to show your friends convince you that one night out with beer and pizza won't kill you.  Their suggestion but your choice.  You hang out then why in the world would they believe you the next time you say you "can't."  This guys on year after year so who are you really to them?


The wife makes cheesy pasta and brownies, plenty of wine.   Why not relax and have some?  Just have a little.   My decision and when I keep choosing wrong that is the pattern of weakness I am establishing so that when we go out and I obstain, all the sudden its a shock because their is no real president, right?

If Jillian Michaels was invited out and she ordered salad and lemon water would she be frowned upon, chastized, or catch anyone by surprise?  Of course not because people know who she is and what she is about!

I need to respect my goals and create an atmosphere where everyone respects what I need.


Monday, November 4, 2013

Roller Coaster

Throughout the years, as my weight fluctuates there are certain numbers that come and go.  Each one associated with a time and place or an accomplishment.  As I pass them this time around I'd like to highlight the occasion and explain what it means to me.


The benchmark.  Lately I've drifted further and further away from here but this is when I can comfortably keep my eye on the prize.  First weight at Webex and have sniffed it a few times.


The sweet spot. Though heavy, its were you can see some muscle definitioon and that Joe Brown swag - clothes fit better.


The mecca.  Get here and not only can I see home plate but my swag is crazy and I get compliments like crazy.  When I went to UC Davis and got weighed.


My "heavy" weight at RHI.  Squeezed into my suits.


The true goal and original benchmark.   Get there and then lose it.   Dream about this weight.


Geoff came up and told me how fat I was.  This is when I first spiraled in college.


My skinny skinny kaki pants, last time in.


Pushing to the end goal.  Tasted it in college on the way back down.


Oh god, I got soooo close at HFC




I should be this weight with body fat and muscle tone


Well folks...just like that, Hawaii came and went!

One of the most amazing places and times I could ever imagine.  I truly enjoyed myself and let it go.

Enjoyed a little mixed plate action courtesy of Aloha Mixed Plate

Some amazing Moco from Da Kitchen!

Upscale breakfast Moco from Slappy Cakes!

Best pulled pork ever from Beach Bums