Sunday, November 17, 2013

Throughout the years, as my weight fluctuates, there are certain numbers that come and go.  Each one associated with a time and place or an accomplishment.    As I pass them this time around I'd like to highlight the occasion and explain what it means to me.


I need to get here as a launching point.  Simply put, there is no 200lbs without getting to this weight first.  I am significantly obese. 


The benchmark weight of recent years. After being as high as 259 I got to WebEx in '06 at this weight and began my takeoff from there.  Aways came close but rarely could surpass it.


This is an interesting one because while still very heavy it's a wait that marks a "breakthrough" compared to where I've been in recent years.  I was squeezing into my work clothes at Robert Half here.  Really started gaining weight rapidly.


This is the weight I was at when I went to a lab at UC Davis in 2001 to get an official body fat measurement.  At WebEx I moved all the way down to this and was on top of the world.


My "heavy" weight at The Holiday Inn.  Got teased alot.


My true target weight here.  When I get back to this long lost weight I will be so brand new.


Geoff.   "Daaang, Joe!  You blew up!  Look at your legs!  Also, here I could still squeeze into my "skinny" dress pants.


HFC weight - not thin but not really fat either.  The pictures I look back at make me long to be there again.


Pushing the line.  In college and once after college I was into my fitness and I saw this number on the scale.


So close.  I was 5lbs away from the promise land in my 3rd year of college.




I should be this weight with body fat and muscle tone

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