Sunday, November 17, 2013

You'r On My List - It's Personal Now

Of course I want to be healthy for myself but I also dream of the day that certain people see the new me.

To name a few:

Dr Joves

He is my doctor and knows my health/unhealth history better than anyone. He has seen me good and bad.  I want to go back in and shock him with my appearance and with the numbers.


If there is anyone that roots for you, that you want to make proud, that you hope to inspire, and that you want to prove something to its the lady of your life.  She has seen my struggle.


I guess I will never forget the time she started crying when talking about my health and that she wanted me to be around for a long time.  I wasn't losing it "fast enough".  Ouch.


Well, he knows from personal experience what happens when you let bad habits take over your life.  He would like to see me avoid the same mistake and also issued a warning years ago that I will always remember.

David Jimenez
Filipinos at work

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