Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Yeah, I just had an epiphany.

People, by default don't and can't respect your goals unless you do.  That means you have to be true to them in the face of pressure.


You are the guy that is always on a "diet" but when push comes to show your friends convince you that one night out with beer and pizza won't kill you.  Their suggestion but your choice.  You hang out then why in the world would they believe you the next time you say you "can't."  This guys on year after year so who are you really to them?


The wife makes cheesy pasta and brownies, plenty of wine.   Why not relax and have some?  Just have a little.   My decision and when I keep choosing wrong that is the pattern of weakness I am establishing so that when we go out and I obstain, all the sudden its a shock because their is no real president, right?

If Jillian Michaels was invited out and she ordered salad and lemon water would she be frowned upon, chastized, or catch anyone by surprise?  Of course not because people know who she is and what she is about!

I need to respect my goals and create an atmosphere where everyone respects what I need.


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